vidaXL Impulse Sprinkler Garden Watering Zinc on Tripod Base

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This stylish impulse sprinkler on tripod base could provide full or partial coverage watering to meet your requirements. Made of durable stainless steel, the tripod base is equipped with spikes to fix its position in the ground. With a max spraying diameter of 78.7 ft, it could reach a coverage area up to 4843.7 ft² for efficient lawn and yard watering.


Made from high-quality zinc and copper, its heavy-duty construction ensures many years of garden watering. And the sprinkler comes with quick-release hose adaptors. In addition, you can also change the angles from 30° to 360° with the two metal loops to ensure your plants and lawn well watered.


This compact impulse sprinkler on tripod base is a practical accessory to help keep your garden watered and the hot summer air fresh.

  • Sprinkler material: Zinc and copper
  • Tripod base material: Stainless steel
  • Height is adjustable from 1.8 ft to 2.9 ft
  • The tripod base is equipped with spikes to fix its position in the ground
  • Connector: Universal 1/2 inch (Gardena-Hozelock)
  • Working pressure: 20 - 100 PSI
  • Flow rate: 1 - 3 gal lqd/min
  • Max spraying radius: 39.4 ft (78.7 ft in diameter)
  • Spraying area: 4843.7 ft²
  • Sprinkler can be set in following directions: 30°, 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°