SUNPOWER 32W 5V High Efficiency Solar Panel Charger

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USB Backpack Solar Power Bank for Outdoor Camping Hiking


Pmax 32W
USB Output Voltage 5V
Material-Panel PET Laminated Sunpower Mono-crystalline Cells
Material-Bag: Nylon
Color Black




● Eco-friendly & durable material.

● Applied in charging 5V device as a power bank.

● Portable, and lightweight, with buckle to be fold firmly.

● Come with storage bag to hold you phone when charging.

● Come with 2x carabiners to mount it to your backpack or tent.

● Produce continuous stable output even in cloudy day.

● Suitable for outdoor activities, outdoor working or emergency.

●The power output of the product is the data of the laboratory at a constant temperature and a constant light state. for reference only. The actual output is affected by the brightness, temperature, and equipment load of the sun in the actual environment.


Package Include:

1 * 32W Solar Charger w USB Port

2 * Carabiner 

4 * Sucker