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'Taste' is a tabletop condiment set which allows for a wide range of seasoning and condiments to be assembled to suit individual taste and culinary customs - Western and Asian alike. Various tops can be combined to allow for different types of condiments, including salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, chilly and spices. 'Taste' can even accommodate tooth picks which are commonly found alongside the condiments. Hiding the transparent glass bottles in a plywood stand, the condiment set invites discovery. 

Ingeniously, the round-bottom design of the bottles prevents them from standing on their own, prompting the user to return them to the stand after use and that way ensuring the table remains orderly and uncluttered.


*Glass Bottle 
1. The convex base design cannot be made to stand independently, please return to wooden seat after use. 
2. Hand wash with sponge and mild detergent recommended. 

*Plywood Base 
1. Made in natural material. Don not heat or place in freezer. 
2. Clean with mild detergent and sponge and wipe dry with a piece of soft cloth to avoid mildew. 


*Glass Bottle 
Fragile products, please be careful to prevent breakage or damage. 

*Plywood Base 
1. Made from natural materials, slight variance in product texture is a normal phenomenon. 
2. Do not use dishwasher, dish dryer or microwave. Do not soak in water for long periods. 
3. Do not use metallic pads or harsh