Ganesha On A Lotus & Om Mandala Tapestry

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A grand 3D effect tapestry with Ganesha sitting on a Lotus Flower and OM Mandala. Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and symbolizes good luck, every moment is a chance to a new beginning.  Ganesha also symbolizes prosperity, success, and peace. 

Lotus flower mandala symbolizes that even though the
 lotus flower grows in muddy waters it rises above the mud, blooming fearlessly out into the world. It is said that Om is the sound of the universe expressed in this wonderful tapestry.

Display admirably as a wall accent in a bedroom, yoga room, meditation room/area, game room or an accent laid on top of your beds and couches. You can sport this deep message while enjoying a concert or picnic.

*100% Cotton and Handmade

 Dimensions: Approximately 90 x 80 Inches